Friday, May 25, 2012

I sleep like a baby

Oh, you might say with a smile.  How lovely, that this gal with five children gets to sleep like a baby!  You might be happy for me, or depending on what you're going through with little ones yourself, you might be envious of my sleeping habits.

Let me set you all straight.

The phrase "sleeping like a baby" and all the visions of deep slumber with a peaceful smile it conjures up is hooey.  Completely preposterous.  As most of you know, babies don't sleep for long periods and wake up refreshed, ready to tackle their to-do list!  No, they sleep for small amounts of time, wake up and demand attention.

That's me, except I don't demand the attention, I must provide the attention.  To one sweet baby K, who is almost three and not really a baby anymore.  Ssshhhh - don't tell her - she doesn't know yet.  She still thinks it is perfectly acceptable to demand mommy be present no matter the hour.  She is unaware that sleeping alone in one's beautiful princess bed in one's beautiful princess room could bring untold joy.  She thinks that sleeping on the floor or chair, getting up repeatedly throughout the night and crying when she needs to go potty is the stuff of life!  Sleeping for 10 hours straight?  Where's the fun in that, people?

Well, her father and I disagree, and the gauntlet has been thrown.  It's do-or-die around here, with the end result being K sleeping in her bed the whole night.

I'll keep you posted, dear readers.  In the mean time, get some sleep.  Like a grown-up.  Just not this grown-up.


Scott said...

Hahahaha...If you want, I could come over and 'lay down the law' in my big-boy voice!

Of course she'd be scarred for life, and likely would never sleep in her room maybe I'll nix that idea.

Hope it goes well! I love it when you lay gauntlets!

mammamilk said...

Yes - she would be scarred for life! And I've seen your methods - "Aw, sweet girl, let me hold you and cuddle!" And who doesn't love a good gauntlet?

Mrs. Beckham said...

Keep us posted for sure! We're strategizing the same gauntlet at our house...