Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shall we dance?

We do a lot of dancing at our house. The kids love to dance to funky 70s music with Daddy at night before bed (great wind-down routine, by the way - all the experts recommend wild activity before bed), we do dances when we are happy, proud of each other etc. Maybe you do a lot of dancing at your house, too.

But I'm sure only some of you participate in our most common dance.
The ancient tribal potty dance.

This dance consists of wild jumping and stomping, turning in circles and possibly grabbing at body parts, depending on the intensity of the dance. The dance always ends with the ancient tribal yell "I gotta go potty!!!!". The dancer then pounds down the hallway toward the toilet.

For those of you reading whose children are grown, please remind me that I will miss this dance and the announcement of the coming of bodily fluids that inevitably follows.


muskydave said...

It seems that as age creeps up the potty dance returns from our youth, after 4 hours in the car (yes I can make it without any stops)on returning home my statement to your mother is don't get in my way I'm on a mission. Well maybe its not a dance but more like a sprint.

ccjmommy said...

The "Potty Sprint!" That also happens with children, dad! Only sometimes is does not end so well...let's hope it ends better with you...